The name of Torrecampo makes reference to a defensive fortress and farmlands; arms and ploughs; war and peace. 

Isolated on the southern edge of  Los Pedroches, like the neighbouring hamlets of Conquista and El Guijo, Torrecampo lies of the beaten track and needs to be actively sought.

Moreover, as a result of its isolated position, Torrecampo has remained free from outside influences, like a relic that conserves the essence of the region of Los Pedroches.  


  • The village is located in the central region of Los Pedroches, 18 km to the northeast of Pozoblanco. 
  • Distance from Córdoba: 104 km. 
  • Altitude: 572 m.  
  • Surface area: 196.8 km2.- 
  • Population: 1320. 
  • Term used to designate inhabitants: Torrecampeños 
  • Region: Los Pedroches. 


Torrecampo arose as a hamlet that was a dependency of the neighbouring village of Pedroche, and achieved administrative independence in 1484.

In the Modern era, it formed a part of the Siete Villas de los Pedroches [seven villages of los Pedroches].

To the southwest of the village, the ruins of the castle and village of Mogábar stand on the hill bearing the same name, in an area that was populated from the Chalcolithic period to the end of the 18th century.

The area of Mogábar contains numerous anthropoid sarcophagi, carved into rocks.


Near Torrecampo