Lying to the northeast of Baena, Valenzuela appears to rest on a spearhead that is thrust into the neighbouring province of Jaén.

This humble white-washed village, under the watchful eye of the restored Chapel of el Calvario, extends at the foot of the Cerro Boyero [a hill], in a strategic position that did not pass unnoticed by ancient Iberian settlers, who have left their mark on the area.


  • This village is located in the east of the province, 25 km to the north of Baena.
  • Distance from Córdoba: 84 km.
  • Altitude: 344 m. 
  • Surface area: 19.2 km2.
  • Population: 1364.
  • Term used to designate inhabitants: Valenzoletanos.
  • Region: Guadajoz – Campiña Este. 


These lands were conquered in 1227 by Tello Alfonso, to whom they were ceded as estate in order to improve the defence of the border.

At the beginning of the 14th century, Valenzuela was joined with the state of Espejo, and in 1380, Juan Pérez de Valenzuela received the entailed estate of the fortress and surrounding lands from his father, Martín Sánchez de Valenzuela.

In 1502, Valenzuela was sold to the Count of Cabra and was incorporated into this countship.

In 1625, Phillip IV elevated Valenzuela to the status of a Marquessate. 


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