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Córdoba is strategically located as a result of its privileged geographical position. Situated in the southwestern extremity of the European continent, the province is entered from the north via the Sierra Morena, the final link with the Castilian meseta, which opens onto the Valle del Guadalquivir [Guadalquivir Valley], an alpine basin that separates the Sierra Morena from the Betic Cordillera.

Córdoba lies in a strategic position, communicating and acting as a point of contact between Europe and Africa, less than two hours away (by air, train, or sea) from any point within the Iberian Peninsula.

Roads (Distances)

  • Madrid: Motorway, 402 km.
  • Seville: Motorway, 138 km.
  • Malaga: 187 km.
  • Granada: 166 km. 

Railway Connections

  • Madrid: AVE [high-speed train].
  • Seville: AVE [high-speed train].
  • Malaga: RENFE [national railway line].

 AVE Stations in the Province

  • Villanueva de Córdoba - Los Pedroches
  • Córdoba
  • Puente Genil

Nearest Airports

  • Córdoba Airport. At the present time, there are no regular commercial flights.
  • The nearest airports are as follows: Madrid, Seville, Jerez, Málaga and Granada. All of these airports are no more than two hours away from Córdoba.

The Province of Córdoba possesses a total of 754,452 inhabitants, wherein the regions of La Campiña and the Valle del Guadalquivir are the most populated areas.  The capital city houses a population of 302,154 inhabitants.


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