Kayaking in the Guadalquivir River

Enjoy a visit to Cordoba from another point of view fun and refreshing...

Cultural Route: History, Culture and Heritage of Cordoba from the Guadalquivir River by canoe. The activity involves a ride in a canoe by the Guadalquivir sector span between San Rafael Bridge and the bridge of Andalusia.

This canoe route along the Guadalquivir River as it passes through Córdoba find Island sculptures, will sail by the ALBOLAFIA Sotos and you know the Royal Botanic Garden of Cordoba.

The activity begins at the pier of the Botanical Garden and after a brief introductory course "dry" in which participants learn the basics of rowing, the first canoes start to run along the water. The route begins along Mill Joy and after taking the San Rafael Bridge , participants get a quick situated below it easy to face the river towards the bridge of Andalusia, where the first break of the circuit occurs . There, attendees enjoy a privileged view : in the distance, the Guadalquivir goodbye sixth bridge as it passes through the capital Cordoba , Ibn Abbas Bridge Firnás . On the other side of the river, participants enjoy the views offered by the ALBOLAFIA Sotos , declared a Natural Monument in 2001. After this break, the route turns to the left bank , introduced in a narrow path surrounded by water flora. In this part of the trip participants surround the island of Sculptures , whose name reflects the existence of a dozen works in stone by different authors during the International Sculpture Symposium held in Cordoba in 2004. Having overcome this small islet located in half of the Guadalquivir , the landscape offers one of the most beautiful views of the trip: the Mosque- Cathedral stands on the bridge of San Rafael . Thus ends the tour around this ancient river , which always hides secrets and has seen the entire history of a capital city, a city that has grown up around the banks of the Guadalquivir. 

Activity for all ages from 8 years old. Indispensable to swim.


  • Monday to Friday at the Botanical Garden in the Phone: +34 957 200 077 ext. 53
  • E mail: info@jardinbotanicodecordoba.com
  • Or 10 minutes before each departure (subject to availabity)

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    Check-out for the route:
  •  Saturdays: 9:00 h., 12:00 h. y 19:00 h.
  •  Sundays: 9:00 h. y 12:00 h.

Specials Timetables for groups.

Horarios especiales para grupos, para grupos privados se puede realizar esta actividad en cualquier hora y día de la semana.

Price: 12 euros


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